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Biogena Studies

Scientific studies must be carefully thought through, planned and carried out. As a science company, we therefore have renowned cooperation partners with whom we cooperate: Laboratories, research societies and therapy centers. Their diagnostic and therapeutic findings are incorporated into our scientific work. 


Pilot Study: Osteo Calbon Komplex Gold 

A reduction in bone mass should and can be counteracted. The offer of a dietary supplementation with proven effect is a simple, cost-effective and meaningful therapy option in the early stages of osteoporosis and osteopenia.


Product Test Antistress Formula®

Stress is a natural response to specific burdens. In the short term, it enables the body to mobilise its resources and achieve increased performance. The goal of this product test was to demonstrate that a suitable combination product (Biogena Antistress Formula®) can lead to reduced stress and improved wellbeing for people under stress.


Clinical Trial ColonBalance®

Our intake of specific plant fibres (dietary fibres) influences the function and composition of our gut flora.Our clinical test was designed to show whether a 10 gram increase in daily dietary fibre intake leads to a measurable improvement
in well-being in people with suboptimal intestinal function. 


Pilot Study: Arthro Formula® 4 Gold

For people with knee pain, the targeted use of Arthro Formula® 4 Gold – a preparation containing four cartilage nutrients as well as vitamins and trace elements – can significantly alleviate restricted movement. This facilitates a more active lifestyle, which in turn is a prerequisite for keeping the knee joint healthy and for all aspects of health, performance, and vitality.


Biogena Erdensalz® Business Plus - Study

Targeted intervention with micronutrients is a simple, cost-effective, and effective way to maintain or restore the mental resilience of individuals in stressful situations. This may be an important factor for improving health, job performance, and job satisfaction.


Iron study

Maintaining sufficient levels of the trace element iron is a global issue – even in the industrialised world. Official figures show that not only women of childbearing age often have low iron stores, but that parts of the general population are affected too. The present observational study shows that even small amounts of plant-based iron are sufficient to normalise parameters in people with low iron stores.

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