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Your Partner in Health and Wellbeing

Biogena commited itself to health and science. Our aim is to share our knowledge with you so that we can establish a basis for a healthy lifestyle together.


With the largest scientific team in the industry and our Biogena Akademie, we create, grow and share knowledge. We keep up to date with the latest science, while at the same time tracking down ancient knowledge. We are supported in this by more than 9,000 partner doctors and therapists, top researchers and raw material manufacturers.

Product Quality

Management and owners share their employees' passion for radically high quality and they personally guarantee this quality – for example, via quality controls for each individual batch, or our pure-substance principle: all micronutrient compounds are guaranteed to be pure – no food colourings, preservatives or processing aids.


We are an Austrian family business who take responsibility for our environment, our employees and our society. Our fundamental guiding principles are ecology and resource sustainability, with examples including: carbon neutrality, and the world’s first eco-bottle in this sector.

Scientifically founded development and very high quality standards characterize the micronutrient preparations of the Biogena brand. We appreciate and are very proud to be part of Biogena, with its impressive and dynamic growth. Our mission is to promote good health and well-being for us all.

What does Biogena stand for and what values do we represent?

  • - Commitment to Health & Science
  • - Our Passion = Uncompromising Quality
  • - Ecological Principle
  • - Good Health for Planet Blue
  • - Curiosity, networking, and innovation