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Positional vertigo, anxiety disorder, and stress

The Story

The Story

Last summer, when I experienced positional vertigo for the first time, I found the sensation traumatising. Heart palpitations and the feeling of losing the ground from under my feet filled me with utter panic. After that I was unable to relax. Every time when I tried to lie down, I was overwhelmed by that fee- ling again, and I became a total hostage to my fear. Then, when I experienced a loud knocking in my ear whilst I was doing my daily yoga exercises, I began to suspect that there might be a link between my positional vertigo and a problem with my sense of balance. I rang my mother, who is a physiotherapist and osteopath, and had her show me some exercises to help combat the positional vertigo.

by Mag. Margit Weichselbraun

The Scientific Assessment

The Journey

The exercises helped, but the fear that the positional vertigo could return at any time remained. As a dietician, I was very open to micronutrient therapy, which is why I began my research with the micronutrient Coach® in earnest and visited a Biogena store the very next day. My focus was on supporting my mind, and I took all the micronutrients and plant extracts that could help with tinnitus, stress and anxiety, including Brain Energy, 7-Salt Magnesium, Neurosagena® B-complex active Gold, in addition, I started a course of psycho-therapy, in order to see if I could get to the bottom of my problem.

The Success

When I think back, I’m absolutely convinced that my body was trying to tell me something with the positional vertigo. The conclusion of my master’s degree, moving to a new apartment, and a new job after a year of educational leave was simply too much stress for my body to cope with, and I was literally losing my balance. Since then, I’ve completely changed my lifestyle – I now listen to my body and continue to support my mind with micronutrients when I notice that things are getting too much for me. I’m firmly convinced that the different micronutrients and plant extracts together with my psychotherapy sessions have contributed enormously to my current well-being. In the truest sense of the word, I’ve regained my balance.

Mental burdens and stress can make themselves felt through the most diverse symptoms. The blood vessels get narrower, the pressure on the them increases, and the body prepares for flight. If this goes on for a long time, the system gets overloaded, and this is what has to be avoided. B vitamins and magnesium support the nerves and the muscles and encourage them to relax. Plant extracts such as pine bark extract increase the micro-circulation of the blood, for example in the ear; Ginko Biloba Extract.


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Lifestyle Changes

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Sport and movement help to keep the head clear. Make sure that your sport isn’t too intensive and ideally is carried out outdoors in nature and not under blue light in indoor spaces. Trees emit natural substances that have a calming effect on people.

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In mentally stressful situations, it is useful to practice relaxation techniques to help you through these difficult times. Breathe in for five seconds and breathe out for up to 15 seconds and repeat this rhythm for a few minutes.

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