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Quality and Research

Biogena products are special due to our high demand for high-quality raw materials, strict audits and intensive research conducted by the Biogena research team. Natural substances and their effects on our health are studied according to strict criteria. Additional analysis of science-based data enables us to provide specific information about the optimum dosage of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. The latest medical, nutritional, and biochemical findings provide the foundation of all that we do.


Seals of quality and product identification

When it comes to quality assurance, we at Biogena make no compromises. In the production of our micronutrient preparations, we always pay attention to high-quality and sustainable brand raw materials. All our products are marked with test and quality seals, so that you can convince yourself of the quality of our products. Every single batch undergoes the strictest quality tests by the German LEFO Institute Dr. Wichmann, where experts independently assess parameters such as impurities, pesticides and heavy metals. In addition, the experts ensure that Biogena preparations comply with all food regulations.


Awards and Quality certificates

Biogena stands for responsibility, trust, appreciation, courage and performance: We at Biogena attach great importance to CSR-oriented corporate management with individual opportunities for the personal development of our employees. We are therefore very proud of the awards we have received in recent years. We strive to balance the needs of employees, the environment, suppliers and neighbours. By purchasing Biogena products, you support modern working environments, environmental protection, fair supplier relationships and social and cultural commitment. 


As a scientific company, Biogena works with renowned institutions and academic research facilities. Through these scientific collaborations, Biogena supports innovative research projects and studies. The results contribute to our highly effective micronutrient formulas.

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