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Activate your immune system - Knowledge in a nutshell - Webinar with Michael Wäger, MSc. BS

This webinar discusses the role of immune-active micronutrients and gives an overview of the chances and possibilities of nutritive medicine in times of corona and other extraordinary situations. The covered topics are the immune classics as well as adaptogenic plants and selected immune-strengthening plant extracts – obviously with a special focus on the ongoing health crisis around COVID-19.

Which immune system supporting micronutrients can you expect in the webinar?

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is THE immune vitamin. When people think about how to support the immune system, they automatically think about Vitamin C. But is that really justified?

Vitamin D: What’s all the fuss about vitamin D about? The physiological relevance of vitamin D on the immune system is obvious, but what about the scientific evidence from human studies? And how can the issue of supplementation be assessed?

Zinc & Selenium: Zinc and Selenium are essential minerals for your immune system. But why is selenium particular important in the case of viruses, like the Corona-virus? And which zinc supplement should you look out for?

Ashwagandha and Astragalus: What’s an adaptogen and why are those plants import for our immunity?

Immune-active compounds, like Elderberries and Astaxanthin: Why are elderberries ‘natural heroes’ and what’s astaxanthin?

All those questions and more will be answered in this webinar. So if you want to know the most recent scientific evidence about vitamins, minerals and plant-based micronutrients to support your immune system in an effective way, this webinar should be your fist choice.

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