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Awards and Quality certificates

Since its foundation, Biogena has, again and again, been honoured and
confirmed with awards and quality certificates.

Certifications and management systems 


Biogena is an ISO 22000:2005 certified company and thereby meets corporate responsibility standards of food safety.

Awards, Certifications and Cooperations


2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 as well as 2018, Biogena is amongst "Austria's best employers". Beside that Biogena also achieved the 4th place in the category "Medium" (50-250 employees).


Biogena was awarded the full certificate „Audit berufundfamilie“ as family-friendly employer on 15th November 2016. The audit guarantees family-friendly working hours, opportunities for maternity leave and re-entry as well as a family-conscious personnel policies.


On 20th October, Biogena was awarded the HERMES.Wirtschafts.Preis (Economy prize) by the Medienhaus Kurier (Print and production company), the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and Leitbetriebe Austria (Leading companies). They justified the award as follows: a “typical owner-managed SME with the greatest market success of all candidates due to the good corporate performance and […] champion in the creation of jobs”.

integrativer-ethik-csr-check-Biogena (1)

Biogena has been awarded – as the first Austrian company – with the ethical certificate “Sustainable & Fit for our grandchildren” in silver by the Wirtschaftsethikinstitut Stift St. Georgen. In April 2016, Biogena was awarded at the integrative ethics & CSR re-check with GOLD as first company (valid until April 2018).


In 2015, Biogena had the best environmental team in Austria - togehter with three ecologically aware companies and was awarded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management with the EMAS award 2015.


In 2015, Biogena was awarded for its exemplary measures such as e.g. the e-order system or the eco-bottle by the environmental service Salzburg with the "Umweltblatt" (environment leaf).


Biogena reached the 1st place at the Salzburger Wirtschaftspreis (Economy award) in the category "Responsible entrepreneurship". IIn 2016, Biogena was awarded the 2nd place in the category "Company of the year".


The Austrian daily Die Presse and the ORF have honoured Biogena's living family compatibility with the Austrian Award of the Year 2017 and awarded Julia Ganglbauer in the category Family and Career. On October 25, 2017 we received the Austria´ 17 Award.


For the second time Biogena Deutschland GmbH and Biogena International GmbH & Co. KG took part in the Bavarian state competition. The Freilassing site is once again one of "Bavaria's Best Employers" and was awarded 5th place in the 10-49 employee category in 2017.


Biogena is pleased to be among the finalists in the competition for the KNEWLEDGE 2016 state prize, which honours dedicated and innovative human resources development.


Biogena was honoured with the GREEN BRANDS quality seal twice already - in 2014 and 2016. This accolade is awarded to “green” brands of everyday life that respond to the population’s increasing desire for more sustainability, environmental protection, and a healthy lifestyle, or that have been oriented towards this from the start.


The jury of the SME platform “Lobby der Mitte” (“lobby for the middle”) declared Managing Director Dr. Albert Schmidbauer a hero of the medium-sized sector.


As part of the 11th Knowledge Management Days Stuttgart in 2015, Biogena was honoured as one of seven finalists for the “Excellent Knowledge Organisation” award, and was delighted to receive this distinction from the Society for Knowledge Management.


In 2015, our Managing Director Dr. Albert Schmidbauer was acknowledged as a sustainable creator for the first time, achieving 17th place.


On 9 November 2017 Biogena was awarded 3rd place at the Austria´s Leading Companies Award 2017 in the category national Salzburg for the development of the economic key figures in the last three years.



Two further nominations gained as part of Energy Globe Salzburg 2016 show Biogena that it is heading in the right direction, not least with its introduction of the innovative eco-bottle made of sugarcane, and its environmentally friendly e-ordering system.


After receiving the Hermes.Wirtschafts.Preis in 2016, Biogena got nominated again by the media house Kurier in 2017.


A holistic CSR commitment is the foundation of Biogena’s CSR-oriented company management, and its nomination for the Trigos 2016 award in this category confirms this long-term path.

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